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High-purity gases

High-purity gases are gases of high purity for special applications.
They are being used increasingly in industrial and high technology processes, research, science and environmental technology.
In high-purity gases the percentage rate that represents the minimum content of pure gas approximates to 100%.
For example, nitrogen with a purity of 99.999% is a high purity gas.
This can also be expressed by a code.
This consists of two numbers, which are separated by a point, and refers to the percentage of pure gas content.
The first number is derived from the number of nines in this percentage.
The second digit identifies the first decimal place of the percentage that is different from the number nine.
So nitrogen 5.0 has a purity of 99.999%, nitrogen 5.5 a purity of 99.9995% and nitrogen 6.0 a purity of 99.9999%
The remaining impurities are given in parts per million (ppm = parts per million). One ppm corresponds to 0.0001 mole percent.
The required qualities of the high-purity gases with the so-defined residual impurities can be produced and supplied in liquid or gaseous form.