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First and foremost, we are conscious of our social responsibility towards our employees. So we are committed to a social market economy in order to secure the future of our employees through profitable work.  We also provide our team with an attractive woringk environment, which is supplemented by regular training opportunities, the high technical level of the equipment and the promotion of initiative and responsibility.
In addition, we are guided by the following core values:
- Innovation
… is a constant challenge for us. This applies both to our products as well as the technical and organisational development of the company itself

- Technical expertise and experience…
… are the basis of our operations. This is passed on to the young generation in all work areas by our highly experienced and technically skilled, experienced employees
- Integration
… of individuals into the team that represents our company is our priority. Each of them receives the same conditions and opportunities, regardless of their gender or nationality

- Economy
…is promoted here at all levels to ensure maximum efficiency coupled with cost awareness

- Problem awareness.
… is created in that we face up to any problems and tackle them through targeted action, until a solution can be brought that is fair for all the parties

- Responsibility and reliability...
…characterise our work and justify our success