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Gastechnik Geburzi GmbH

For over 30 years our company has been designing and programming complex technical gas equipment and high-purity gas and special gas equipment individually tailored to the customer’s needs.
For our customers, the quality of the gas – whether liquid or gas – at the place of use is the decisive criterion. The essential thing is not primarily the gas used per se, but first and foremost the quality of the dispensing equipment which carries the gas from its source, such as a gas cylinder, a fuel battery or a tank, to the extraction point. For this reason our systems stand out for their competent installation and excellent equipment.
With the best possible customer service, we also understand the importance of regular and expert system maintenance by our personnel. Only then can the original quality of the gases be obtained with simultaneous consideration of all safety aspects.
Our internal and field service staff develop and create, to a high degree of perfection, innovation, knowledge and skill, the exact solution that gives our customers the advantage. In order always to be at the cutting edge of technology, our members take part in continuous training and further education courses.